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home decorating... help! - painangrrfear
home decorating... help!

Got my map print fabric in the mail the other day, and made new chair cushions out of it. It was a great deal of effort for end results that are, eh, okay. The chair is about seventeen years old and pretty beat up. Definitely looks better with the new upholstery. I still need to do a refinishing job on the wood--impossible this weekend because of the cold. I'll take pictures when the entire thing is finished.

I'm thinking this is the year I'll actually put up curtains in my living room. We've got two huge windows that look out toward the woods. Because the windows are gigantic and curtains are expensive--and because there's no one living back there in the woods behind us, so privacy is not a major concern--for four years now the windows have been utterly bare. I have some wrought-iron-looking curtain rod thingies with spear-point-kinda finials on the ends (actually aluminum bars salvaged from a neighbor's discarded storm door, but pretend with me here). I'm going to start looking for some saris, maybe, or maybe just a sorry remnant or two to make stationary curtains. I just want some panels to frame the sides of the windows.

Now for my question: I need brackets of some sort to hold up my storm door/spear rods. What should they look like?

I was thinking dragon heads, like you'd see on old Norse church beams. They could grip the rods in their ferocious jaws. But then I thought, nah, too Medieval. I want something Steampunk. And behold, I thought of something perfect!

But I forgot what it was.

This blank space here? That's the interior of my brain.

This happens to me a lot. I don't think it's gonna come back to me, either; it's been a couple of days, and no clue. It's not gears. Because working gears would be really cool if I was going to use a traverse rod, but I'm not. The curtain panels aren't going to be moving at all. I hope. They might fall down at some point, but as far as being drawn open and closed, no.

Oh well, if my history of home decorating is any indication, I'll have months, possibly years, in which to ponder.

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