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Costumes for a little prince - painangrrfear
Costumes for a little prince

My two-year-old godson has two older sisters, age six and four. Needless to say, he is not a stranger to playing dress-up. Recently his dad told me about a rule he'd tried to institute at their house: 'Princes wear pants.' This in reaction to finding his son dressed up in his sisters' frilly princess costumes.

This cracks me up. I don't remember Bob being too upset when Robert played dress-up, but when the girls (and therefore the boy, too) went through a nail polish craze he wasn't too happy with it. Even though I made it a point to only paint Robert's nails in manly shades of black or blue!

Anyway, I decided to make my godson some suitably masculine dress-up clothes. These should have been done before Christmas, but I was clueless as to what size to make them. A two-year-old looks impossibly tiny to me! When we saw the gang over winter break, I borrowed one of the little guy's shirts to use as a guide.

All costumes are made from other clothing items that I bought at thrift stores over the years with the idea of making them over into costumes... 'Someday'. For the record, someday was today. Also for the record, yes, these are extremely foppish fabric choices. Keep in mind that I'm competing with the Disney Princess get-ups his sisters wear! Figured I had to give the little guy a bit of glitz. At any rate, all of these will be worn with pants!

green tunic

Short-sleeved green tunic. OMG this fabric is so shiny! It's velour. It's also green. No idea why the camera insists on making it look turquoise. I sewed a couple of gold shisha mirror dots on for trim.

blue cape

I like this blue cape. The fabric is velvet with hundreds of silver glitter stars. This was made out of a very disturbing backless spaghetti-strap evening gown with a thigh-high slit... Disturbing because it was sized to fit maybe a six-year-old. I bought it because I loved the fabric. The spaghetti straps are now the drawstrings for the cape.

black/red tunic

Long-sleeve (I hope!) black tunic with oh-so-glam red shiny metallic threads woven throughout. Added some gold zig-zag stitch and a little applique at the neckline. The fabric was extremely stretchy and annoying to work with--glad it was such a small project!


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