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Robert Jordan... - painangrrfear
Robert Jordan...

Major milestones occurred yesterday at Maison de Pain when I finally managed to purge our overflowing book shelves. Turned out to be less painful than I had anticipated. I took all the books off the shelves, dusted, then put back the ones I knew I wanted to save. The remaining books went on the dining-room table. I asked everyone else in the household to look through these piles, choose any additional books that they thought were 'keepers' and put them on their chairs. Once everyone had their chance I re-shelved the books they'd chosen.

Our living room bookshelves are no longer overflowing. Yay!

I was really surprised that Bob was willing to give up so many books--among them the massive 'Wheel of Time' series by Robert Jordan. Those books alone filled up an entire shelf and must have weighed twenty pounds! This morning the kids helped me pack up three boxes which I'll take to the 'too good to waste place' at our local dump. Someone will snap them right up.

Also destined for the dump is the overflowing bag of fabric I weeded out of my sewing trunk; it will go in the 'fabric recycling' bin. Murphy's law: a week after I've purged the trunk, I'll discover a desperate need for something I just got rid of. Still, at least now I have room for all the latest remnants that I know I'll want to use eventually. Our bedroom was starting to be a fire hazard with all the bags of cloth sitting around.

I feel very virtuous and tidy now. ;)
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